Closet Shelving

Rubbermaid Closet & Shelving Systems

Organizing your home can sometimes be a grueling process. There is no need to let it overwhelm you--we are here to help! Here at Advanced Home we offer custom built closets and pantries, as well as a top notch selection of Rubbermaid closet and shelving systems and organizers.  Each shelving/organizational system has an extensive range of options to choose from.  Having a vast range of options allows you to organize space in the best way possible for you. See below for the list of shelving systems. For a free quote or more information call us at 478-956-7215!
Closet & Shelving Systems/Organizers:
  • Fasttrack Garage Shelves
  • HomeFree series  Customizable Closet
  • Configurations® Customizable Closet
  • FastTrack Adjustable Closet
  • Direct Mount Non-Adjustable Closet
  • Closet Add-Ons and Accessories
  • Wood Shelves and Hardware
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